World Cup fury as teams perceive incident differently

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The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is underway in controversial circumstances due to the human brain’s ability to perceive incidents differently.

As Brazil ran out 3-1 winners against Croatia, many have chosen to focus on an incident in which each side insists the other side has perceived incorrectly.

Fans of both sides have been hotly debating the incident in the clinical way only football fans are capable of.

“It was a penalty.”

“It wasn’t a penalty, clearly.”

“Are you even looking at the same footage I am? it’s obviously a penalty.”

“It’s not obvious because I said it’s not a penalty.”

And so on into the night as the merits of each position we debated with frequent references to the parental unit of each side.

World Cup controversy

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “It’s almost like there is no right or wrong, forcing us to consider the nature of life and its lack of true absolutes.”

“Maybe the beautiful game will become more philosophical in its future approach?”

“Except with lots of swearing and rampant alcohol consumption, obviously.”