Thursday 22 May 2014

Spanish bull community calls for end to barbaric goring of matadors

Bull fighting stopped

After three more matadors were gorged by rampaging bulls during Spain’s traditional entertainment spectacle, bulls everywhere have called for an end to the barbaric pastime.

The prestigious San Isidro festival had to be cancelled after they ran out of matadors, leaving many bulls to question how long this senseless sport enjoyed by a minority of bulls will be allowed to continue.

A spokesperson for the bull community told us, “As mammals capable of empathy we can see how needlessly cruel this sport is to the matadors.”

“They go in there against us massive beasts with nothing but a red cape. Is it no surprise that they are being gorged left right and centre?”

“And people pay good money to see this happen. It’s absolutely horrific.”

“We have collected over ten thousand hoof prints on our petition in the hope we can see this so-called sport banned, and return these matadors to the safety of their own homes, where the prospect of a gorging is not longer hanging over their heads.”

“We know there are a loud minority of bulls that really enjoy this kind of thing, but we think they’re sick! How can you possibly enjoy sticking your horns in the fleshy parts of a human. It’s simply barbaric.”

Bull fighting cancelled

The bull spokesperson went on, “Do you think the matadors know they’re going to be gorged? Of course they don’t.”

“Why would they get in there with a bull if they thought it was going to happen.”

“The matadors have to be enticed in there, did you know that? They don’t go in freely. Organisers use this ‘cash’ stuff to tempt them to face the bull.”

“All the more reason to ban it if you ask us.”

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