Starring in BNP Youth video the new ‘facial tattoo’

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Stars of the new BNP Youth promotional video might as well have a tattoo across their face for all the help it will provide in the job market, employers have said today.

The shoddily produced video shows a range of young people explaining why they’ve aligned themselves with the BNP, in a move which employment experts have described as ‘career suicide’.

Recruitment consultant Simon Williams told us, “Having ‘star of BNP promotional video’ on your CV is about as attractive to employers as ‘face covered with spider’s web tattoo.”

“That said, I once placed a guy who had a tattoo saying ‘It’s ALWAYS party time!” across his neck, so I think I’m pretty capable at finding people work.”

“But the kids in this video? No chance. I think their best hope is to become self-employed in a field where they can pretend to be someone else.”

“The Internet never forgets you see, regardless of what the EU tells Google – and once you’ve been in a YouTube clip promoting the BNP, you’re always going to be that ‘BNP kid’.”

“It’s a shame, but that’s life. I blame the parents, obviously.”

BNP Youth video

Several young people have come forward to explain why they didn’t take part in the video promoting the BNP.

15 year-old Dave Matthews explained, “My parents are racist and so consequently I’m quite racist too, so I was perfect for their video – but I’m also smart enough to know that going onto the Internet in support of the BNP is literally the most stupid thing imaginable.”

“They even wanted me to have a pop at Stephen Lawrence’s mum. So I told them no – I’d like to be able to secure myself gainful employment at some point in the future.”

“That, and I didn’t want to get shot with a Muslamic ray gun, obviously.”