Solange Knowles to take on Floyd Mayweather

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Beyonce’s sister Solange has been offered a lucrative unification fight against undefeated Floyd Mayweather following her impressive debut against Jay Z.

Solange Knowles is a relative newcomer to the fight game, but video clips of her first bout with rapper Jay Z have left fight fans around the world keen to see her in a primetime bout.

Boxing fan Simon Williams told us, “I’ve only seen the brief highlights, but she’s got the desire, definitely. I really believed she wanted to rip Jay Z’s head off in that clip.”

“Jay Z is bigger than her, stronger than her – and he has a bouncer – yet she still went at him furiously the whole time they were in there.”

“I love that in a fighter, never knowing when they’re beaten. I think she’d give Mayweather a run for his money, sure.”

“Though I’d have to see generous odds to back her, as I’m not sure she’s be allowed to kick shoes in his direction.”

Solange Knowles fight club

Should the bout against Mayweather not go ahead, Solange is not short of offers for her endorsement from fight clubs and boxing gyms around the country.

As one gym owner told us, “We’re always looking to recruit more female members, and she’s got probably the most famous right-hook in the business right now.”

“We’ve got sparring pads with Jay Z’s face on them, so anytime she wants to come down here and show us a few things, we’ll be ready.”

“Assuming she hasn’t killed him by then, obviously.”