Tuesday 6 May 2014 by James Evans

Switch to Google+, Farage urges UKIP activists

Nigel Farage urges UKIP to consider Google+

Following a string of social media controversies involving UKIP campaigners, Nigel Farage has urged supporters to switch to the ‘up and coming’ social network, Google+.

In an e-mail to campaigners, he claimed that moving to the search giant’s platform would definitely help them “reach a much wider audience”.

“If you’re looking to air any opinions about homosexuality or ethnic minority comedians, Google+ is, without a doubt, the best place for you to do so”, Farage wrote.

UKIP supporter Simon Williams told us he would be making the switch immediately.

He explained, “I’ve got quite a lot of things to say about the Muslims, gays and blacks – and the gay black muslim immigrants coming from the EU.”

“Nigel has assured me that on Google+ I’ll finally get my chance to shake up the establishment.”

UKIP users urged to try Google+

The suggestion by the UKIP leadership  is making waves in the tech world.

Social media analyst Mark Shoreditch said, “What Google+ lacks in popularity it more than makes up for with functionality.”

“Multiple UKIP-ers will be able to join a ‘hangout’ in which they can discuss whether or not women should be allowed to work.”

Farage also suggested campaigners consider making use of MySpace, which he claimed was “increasingly popular with young people”.

With just weeks before the European elections, UKIP is facing increasing scrutiny for the social media activity of its supporters.

Of his own campaigning efforts, Farage said, “Of course, I’ll still use Twitter. But then, I’m stuck in my ways. Other UKIP-ers should devote their efforts exclusively to Google+.”

“It really is the future.”

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