Thursday 24 April 2014

Latest UKIP billboard targets new Cornish minorities

UKIP billboard Cornish minorities

The latest billboard from UKIP has outlined the dangers of welcoming Cornish minorities into the rest of England.

Just hours after an announcement confirmed the Cornish as an official minority in the UK, UKIP unveiled its latest billboard designed to make you scared of them.

A UKIP spokesperson explained, “People have to realise that the unrestricted movement of Cornish people in the rest of England is a very real threat to your way of life.”

“Have you thought about the Cornish person who wants your job, or to bed your wife, or to murder you in your sleep – these are the key issues that those in Westminster simply want to ignore.”

“Well not here at UKIP. We are well aware of the very real things that you are scared of, and we will leave no penny unspent in suggesting minorities and immigrants are definitely the biggest cause of those things you are scared of.”

“The Cornish have only been a minority for about four hours, but already they are stealing, raping and pillaging – and if you don’t believe us we have the billboards to prove it.”

UKIP target Cornish

UKIP supporter Simon Williams told us he’d been shocked by the latest billboard, and was incredibly grateful to UKIP for the warning about the Cornish.

He told us, “I’ve lived next door to one of these ‘Cornish’ for years, but only today I find out he’s actually a minority just here to steal jobs from us indigenous English folk.”

“I’m disgusted. So disgusted in fact that I threw dog shit at his windows this morning.”

“It’s the only language these minorities understand.”


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