Giving up smoking to be banned in public places

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Wales could be the first part of the UK to ban giving up smoking in enclosed public places.

Ministers say they are responding to concerns that people quitting smoking are very irritable and liable to bite your head off for no good reason.

Health Minister Mark Drakeford said the aim of the ban was to address some of the nation’s major public challenges.

“People giving up smoking present a serious risk to anybody attempting to start even the most innocuous conversation,” he said.

“Even simple questions, such as ‘How are you?’ or ‘Can I help?’, are generally greeted with a volley of verbal abuse capable of causing even the very thick-skinned to develop a wide range of insecurities.”

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“As such, we will be banning anyone trying to quit smoking by the use of ‘e-cigarette’ from all public places.”

e-cigarette ban

People who are often exposed to smokers looking to quit have welcomed the new rules.

Non-smoker Simon Williams told us, “Thank God for that. Is there anything more anti-social than a reformed smoker?”

“How dare they try to better themselves in front of me.”

“I’m glad we’re banning people trying to quit from public places, but could we not go a little further?”

“Personally I’d like to discriminate against them in the workplace, as you can’t put them in any job that’s customer facing – it’s just too risky.”