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M. Night Shyamalan releases horror film featuring Michael Gove’s ‘Wham Rap!’

Michael Gove Wham Rap

Last night, M. Night Shyamalan released the first trailer for his highly anticipated film ‘Terrifying People in Terrifyingly High Places’ featuring Michael Gove performing the ‘Wham Rap!’.

Shyamalan is well known for horror films such as The Village and Sixth Sense, and the latest film promises to be as horrifying and unforgettable as previous works.

The trailer’s release also coincided with a poster campaign which featured the main character at his haunting best.

One poster has Gove posing for a “selfie” with young children. The poster was put up in a Tube station in London, put had to be taken down following complaints.

Shyamalan told reporters earlier this year: “My latest film is about an insidious and repugnant individual who somehow finds his way to the upper echelons of British society.

“I am hoping the film is going to examine themes such as corruption, fear and how bullshit can get you very far in life, like the main character.”

“I also want to examine the bitter irony of having a man who looks so creepy and rubbery in charge of a whole nations children. It has satirical touches.”

Gove Wham Rap!

The trailer was received very warmly by internet users, with user MissBabylicious commenting on YouTube: “If this trailer is anything to go by, this film is going to be so frightening! I literally shat myself. Literally.”

MrTwat tweeted saying: “Wow, this trailer is SO scary! I’ll be watching this from behind the sofa when it comes out.”

The film is out in May 2015 and is rated 18.

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