Wednesday 26 March 2014

Your child’s school attendance is absolutely mandatory – unless we’re on strike, insist teachers

Teacher's strike

Parents who allow their children to miss school will continue to face prosecution, according to striking teachers who have allowed children to miss school today.

With thousands of teachers on strikes across the country, many schools have been forced to close in a move which parents groups have described as ‘something of a pain in the arse to be honest’.

Parent Sharon Williams told us, “I don’t see why my child missing school is OK when the teachers are the cause – but when I do it I get a visit from the education authority.”

“We were hoping to book a cheap holiday after Easter holidays, so is there any chance of the teachers union calling a striking for a few days that week? It would make a nice change for their priorities to align with our own.”

“As it is, when my child misses school I’m endangering their education and liable to a significant fine, but when they miss school due to a teacher’s strike it’s ‘in their best interests and helping their long-term future’.”

“I’m sure you can understand my confusion.”

Teacher’s strike

Teacher David Matthews said that a child missing school due to a teacher’s strike, and a child missing school due to truancy are not comparable in any way.

Matthews explained, “First of all this strike is about important issues which matter to me personally, and to thousands of teachers around the country.”

“But when you take your child out of school it’s for things that I don’t care about at all.”

“I hope that clears it up.”

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