Coldplay’s Chris Martin has massive steak for breakfast

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Chris Martin has eaten almost two pounds of extremely rare steak for breakfast this morning, according to reports close to the Coldplay frontman.

Just hours after the news of his split from staunch vegan Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin told close friends that he’d forgotten the pleasures of a plate of delicious meat cooked “just the way I used to have it”.

Friends of the singer said that although the split had hit him hard, a full stomach for the first time in eleven years had made the process much easier.

“Dear God this is delicious,” Martin told reporters who found him at an Argentinian steak house which had opened early at his specific request.

“If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, then in hell why did God make them so bloody delicious?” he continued.

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“Look, I’m sad about a Gwyneth and that, but at the same time I’m excited about the bright future I have full of steaks, burgers and kebabs.

“Oh God, barbecues – I can have barbecues again!”

Martin and Paltrow divorced

Martin is said to have rented a small apartment directly across from a kebab shop and KFC, ensuring cooking smells will reach his bedroom on a daily basis.

He has also invested in a Playstation 4 and has been ringing round former male friends to see if they fancy a ‘boys night out’.

As one friend told us, “I haven’t seen him since that picnic he hosted where we couldn’t eat chicken drumsticks within sight of his kids.

“But he’s had this t-shirt made up, it says ‘I’m fun again, honest’.

“Fingers crossed it’s not a lie.”