Hull City chairman Assem Allam to rename club ‘The FA bums dogs FC’

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Hull City Chairman Assem Allam has reacted to the FA’s decision to reject his name change by choosing a more appropriate moniker for his football plaything.

After the FA’s membership committee said it would reject a change of the club’s name to Hull Tigers, Allam said reiterated that it was his club and he could do what he liked.

Allam told reporters, “If I want a new badge that depicts members of the FA committee sodomising various canine animals, then who are they to stop me?”

“I am the owner of this football thing, and like anything else I own I can do whatever I like with it.”

“If they FA don’t like it, and the fans don’t like it, then they are entitled to go and bum a dog.”

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“I’m even willing to buy back our stadium’s naming rights in order to have FA Bums Dogs visible painted on the roof and visible to any passing plane.”

“I’m not saying that members of the FA bum dogs, I’m just saying that where I come from, the image of men in grey suits bumming dogs is considered lucky – so I try to bring that luck to Hull.”

“Tigers don’t sound so bad right now, do they?”