Wednesday 19 March 2014 by Gary Stanton

Euromillions lotto mechanic reckons ‘that’s gonna cost you’

Lottery winner mechanic

After folding his arms and sucking his teeth lottery-winning mechanic Neil Trotter has told you that your car is in for an expensive set of repairs.

Trotter,42, scooped £108m just as your car was overheating on the M25, three days after you took it in for a service.

Trotter insists the money is unlikely to change him, nor the amount he charges per hour marked on your invoice as “labour costs”.

The grease monkey cum jammy bastard has a sneaking suspicion that it could only be your head gasket or something else that will leave you out-of-pocket to the tune of six hundred quid.

“It’s difficult to say without stripping the engine down and once I’m in there – who knows what I will find,” explained the mechanic whilst flicking through the newly-minted fifties in his wallet.

“I could do it a bit cheaper now that I’m a multi-millionaire, but that depends on whether we put it through the books or I do it for cash.”

Mechanic lottery winner

Trotter was keen to address your concerns, before explaining that he would do what he could to make the deal a bit sweeter.

“You seem like a nice bloke so I’ll throw in a catalytic converter?” he added.

Trotter then went on to explain the secret behind his lottery win.

“People ask me how I picked the winning numbers”, Trotter said.

“But they seem to forget that as a mechanic I’ve got quite a lot of experience in this area, I basically just picked the first figure that came into my head.”

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