Schools reporting large rise in Christian Grey costumes for World Book Day

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As schools across the country celebrate World Book Day with children dressing as their favourite literary character, teachers have reported a record number of suit wearing sadomasochists in their classrooms.

World Book Day is to celebrate literature, with many schools offering children the chance to attend lessons in fancy dress.

8-year-old Simon Williams told us, “I don’t read books, they’re rubbish. I prefer Xbox.  So I googled the most popular book in the last couple of years, and it turns out it was something called 50 Shades of Grey.

“I haven’t read it, but apparently the main character wears a suit, so here I am, in a suit, surrounded by idiots dressed as Harry Potter.

“There were a couple of other kids in suits too. Apparently, they looked at their mums’ coffee tables for costume ideas and got the same book.

“It must be really good. Maybe I’ll take a look.”

Teachers have reacted with surprise, and suggested children should seek their costume inspiration somewhere other than their mother’s nightstand.

Primary school teacher Sheila Matthews told us, “There have been a few unusual costumes, but my favourite was young Jimmy who didn’t dress up at all, before telling everyone his favourite book was the autobiography he’s currently writing.”