Man you don’t like to take on man you don’t trust in debate you don’t care about

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage is to challenge Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in an EU debate that experts have described as ‘completely unwatchable’.

Farage laid out the challenge after Nick Clegg said that UKIP policies on the EU wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny, forcing people to take sides in a debate in which they’d like to see both sides lose.

Politics fan Simon Williams told us, “Oooh, a debate between a man I don’t like and one I don’t trust about something I care little about – yes, I think I’ll give that a miss.”

“Remind me when it happens so I can remember to be out.”

“Unless they’re going to spice it up a bit for TV, maybe add in some electric shocks or other physical harm for answers they give that the audience don’t like?”

“In which case, sign me, put me in the front row and give me a button linked to a generator and their testicles.”

Farage Clegg EU debate

UKIP supporters have welcomed the opportunity for their leader to say “Europe bad, boooo!” as many times as possible on national television.

UKIP fan Michael James told us, “Europe is rubbish, booo! And I hope Nigel Farage gets the chance to say this lots and lots of times.”

Former Lib Dem supporter Jane Simpkins told us, “At this point, I think securing a debate against Nigel Farage must rank as a success for Nick Clegg.”

“I suppose viewers can look forward lots of earnest stares into the camera, and promises he has no intention of keeping, whilst Farage probably just throws Union Jack darts at a map of the EU.”