Daily Mail to continue battle against paedophiles by publishing more photos of underage stars

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The Daily Mail has supplemented their paedophile exposé on Harriet Harman by using their website to show how a number of underage girls that might be targeted by paedophiles now look ‘all grown up’.

The anti-paedophile tabloid insisted it was important that they carried regular images of under age girls looking ‘all grown up’ in order to lure disgusting paedophiles to their pages so that the paper can make money from advertising.

A spokesperson from the paper told us, “Our picture editors regularly have to get into the minds of the disgusting paedophiles that we definitely hate in order to pick just right shots they would like and that adequately sexualise under-age girls.”

“This is so that we can make confirmed or curious disgusting paedophiles click it and create another page view on our website.”

“It is a difficult job, but we have a talented staff that manages to do this on what some might describe as an alarmingly regular basis – as any cursory glance at our web page’s sidebar will tell you.”

“By luring these disgusting paedophiles onto our site with our regular ‘all grown up’ photo stories, we are able to show them advertising which makes us money and improves our ability to reveal the real paedophiles in our midst, such as some of the politicians we don’t like.”

Daily Mail ‘all grown up’

Newspaper readers have said the Daily Mail’s revelations do make sense, as a visit to their website does tend to make them feel like a dirty old man.

Current affairs Simon Williams told us, “They draw you in with what appears to be an exposé of paedophile supporters in the establishment, but then they swamp the page with pictures of sexualised young women that could technically make you a paedophile.”

“They’re either really clever, or just totally hypocritical shits. Which is it?”

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