Wednesday 12 February 2014

You making your children miss school is different to when we do it, striking teachers tell parents

Teachers strike

Parents being punished by law after deliberately making their children miss school have been told this is very different to when striking teachers do it, according to reports this morning.

As a national teachers strike was announced for the 26th March, concerned parents asked if teachers will face the same threats and fines as they do when they deliberately make their children miss school.

Concerned parent Simon Williams, “I just think we need a level playing field when they want to make my child miss a day of their education.”

“Apparently I could get fined £500 for taking David out of school for a long weekend in Centre Parks because it’s cheaper than at half-term, but they get to strike for free?”

“And they’re doing it on a Wednesday, couldn’t they do it on a Friday or a Monday so we could at least make a weekend of it.”

“It’s like they’re deliberately rubbing my nose in it.”

Teacher strike

Teachers’ unions have rejected the claims, saying that a school day missed because they want to be paid more money is very different to a school day missed because a parent wants to save money.

A teacher’s union spokesperson told us, “A child’s education is paramount in all of our concerns, and as such every option should be considered against people who interrupt that education.”

“Well, apart from us, obviously.”

“We should be able to interrupt that education whenever we feel the need to strike about pay and conditions.”

Concerned parent Williams concluded, “On the one hand I think it’s incredibly unfair that teachers get to make my kid miss school when I’m not allowed to, but on the other hand they’re arguing with that prick Michael Gove. So it’s a tough one, for sure.”

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