Wednesday 5 February 2014

Facebook ‘Lookback’ condensing 10 years of utter tedium into 60 second video

Facebook lookback

Facebook has celebrated its 10th birthday by successfully condensing your extremely tedious online existence into a mawkish 60 second video.

With ‘lookback’ videos now filling news feeds across the globe, many experts have insisted that the platform could soon create a self-perpetuating loop of faux sentimentality from which no escape is possible.

As one Facebook user explained, “Look at this video I expended no effort whatsoever in creating. It shows the highlights of what I’ve done over the last 10 years – isn’t it incredibly ordinary?”

“Oh God, is this me? Is this my life? What have I become?”

“If Facebook thinks these are the very highlights of my existence, what is the point of me?”

Others have been less traumatised by the whole affair, with Facebook user Sally Williams telling us, “I’ve watched it a few times now, and shared it with my friends, who have shared theirs with me in turn.”

“I’ve spent the morning watching videos of posts I’ve already seen and getting comments from people commenting on a comment they left to one of my older comments. It’s brilliant.”

“My top post was apparently something I posted after work one night in 2007 and resulted in my friends leaving fifty-nine ‘you OK hun’s.”

“Happy days.”

Facebook lookback

Anthropologists have warned that Facebook’s Lookback feature could signal a new low in human society when future generations review the way we lived our lives.

As one explained, “They will look at what we did for a job of work, what we created, how we touched the lives of others – and ultimately they will conclude that a 60-second video made by someone else, containing parts of our lives that were probably staged anyway, was the highlight of our existence.”

“Yes, it’s pretty sad.”

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