Monday 3 February 2014

Wenger admits to signing Kim Kallstrom after playing Football Manager 04/05

Arsene Wenger buys Kim Kallstrom

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted he made the deadline day move for Swedish international Kim Kallstrom after spending Thursday night playing Football Manager 04/05.

The injured star is unlikely to feature for Arsenal’s first team in the foreseeable future, despite having what Wenger described as “off the charts stats for all the important stuff”.

Wenger has been criticised for the loan move, but sought to defend the decision by showing journalists his laptop.

“You rarely see a player with passing 16, first touch 16, creativity 16 and technique 17 all in orange. I think we’ve done an amazing job to get a player of his calibre on loan.”

“He also has an excellent work rate, 17, and has a fantastic long shot on him, 18, so might contribute an important goal or two in the run-in.”

“He’s got natural fitness of 17 so he should be back from his injury pretty soon.”

“I bought him on my computer at 8pm on Thursday to see what he was like, and by 4am Arsenal we were champions of Europe with him in a central attacking midfielder role.”

“I knew then that we had to have him, whatever his condition.”

Arsene on Football Manager

Fans have been left bemused by the move, wondering if Wenger is also going to try to sign Freddie Adu.

Season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “I’m all for Arsene being creative in looking for hidden gems, but I’m not sure all night on his laptop screaming at a flashing screen is the way to do it?”

“If skill on Football Manager was the way to become a top flight boss, then I’ve got a CV that shows me getting Leyton Orient into the Champions League.”

“Gis a job?”

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