Wednesday 29 January 2014

Policeman’s leg ‘had gun’ claim police witnesses

Policeman shot in leg in police station

A policeman’s leg that was shot in a central london police station was definitely seen holding a gun prior to the incident, according to police witnesses today.

Little has been revealed about the shooting, except to say that the leg is recovering well and that police officials insist the shooting was ‘entirely justified’.

A spokesperson explained, “Although any shooting is regrettable, the public has to understand that policemen do not just unload firearms at the drop of a hat.”

“There has to be due cause, and an expectation that there is a threat to life. We completely trust the judgement of the officer who fired the weapon into the leg.”

“Several officers have signed witness statements to say they saw the leg holding a gun, although so far our post-shooting investigations has yet to recover such a weapon.”

Policeman shot in leg

Several leaks from inside the force have begun appearing, in which the leg itself is referred to as a ‘trouble-maker’ and ‘hardened law-breaker’.

One media outlet referred to the leg as having as “history of gang involvement and an upbringing that made it comfortable around firearms.”

A friend of the leg told us, “I think it’s shocking how they’re trying to smear this leg in the eyes of the public.”

“They say it was armed, but where is the gun, where is it, eh?”

“And now they’re just leaking stories about its ties to gangs without mentioning all the good it’s done in supporting it’s owner over the years.”

“It’s a bloody whitewash.”

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