Monday 27 January 2014 by Gary Stanton

Religious extremism at root of wars, insists religious extremist at root of wars

Tony Blair religious extremism

Extremist religion is at root of all 21st century conflicts, according to a blood-drenched war criminal who started one.

Factional violence across Africa and the Middle East is due to a perversion of faith insisted Tony Blair, writing in yesterday’s Observer, after he’d finished washing blood off his hands.

Blair urged world leaders to confront extremism wherever it arises, arguing that the best way to combat it is with extremely fast fighter planes carrying massive quantities of highly targeted explosives.

Prior to heading off for an appointment at church, former Prime Minister Blair also criticised those who used the Internet to disseminate perverted religious ideas that lead to large bangs and smoke.

“Religious extremism is like a cancer and should be treated as we treat any cancer – with laser-guided missiles and heat-seeking bombs,” said the former PM.

“Sectarianism is the single greatest threat to fledgling democracies and must be fought with all the military hardware at our disposal,” he continued.

“It is one reason why the Middle East matters so much. The other is oil.”

Tony Blair on extremism

Meanwhile, Middle East expert Simon Williams took issue with Blair’s analysis.

He told us, “Predicting outbreaks of religious violence can be hugely difficult.”

“But one factor is having a fucknut in Downing Street who believes the dinosaur fossils were buried in the ground to test our faith.”

“Faith is complex. George Bush most definitely isn’t.”

Blair added, “And before you start, the Iraq war was not about religion, but about ridding the region of an extremist from a different religion.”

“And God is my witness on that.”

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