Man Utd’s Chris Smalling criticised for attending fancy dress party as ‘centre back’

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Manchester United’s Chris Smalling has been criticised by supporters groups for attending a Christmas fancy dress party dressed as a competent centre-back.

The player was photographed in a full Manchester United strip with a ball at his feet as if this was something he was perfectly capable of doing.

Fans have reacted angrily to the leaked photos, with one telling us, “How he has the audacity to go around dressing up like a centre-half I have no idea.”

“Imagine the mental anguish this will cause genuine Manchester United fans when they see him dressed up like he’s about to go onto the pitch and represent their team.”

“I’m sure he thought it was funny at the time, but let me assure you, no fan finds the thought of him defending their goal as ‘funny’.”

“The worst part is he seems to be enjoying it in the photos. Like he somehow believes that he belongs in the kit?”

Chris Smalling costume

Though Smalling himself has remained silent on the matter, his agent apologised, saying “Chris recognises that what he did was wrong, and that those pictures could strike further fear into the hearts of Manchester United fans already reeling from such a disastrous start to the season.”

“But these photos were taken in the privacy of his own home and were never meant to be seen by fans of the club.”

“I’m sure plenty of fans out there have dressed up as a footballer on occasion? Well really that’s all Chris Smalling is guilty of.”

“Well, that and his on-pitch performances.”