Thursday 9 January 2014

Duggan rioters keen to wait until new televisions in stock

London Riots Mark Duggan

Thousands of Londoners have insisted they will be happy to smash the place up following the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan, but only once it gets a bit warmer.

On Wednesday, a jury concluded Mr Duggan was lawfully killed when he was shot dead by police in August 2011, a verdict received angrily by people who would like a new television.

Londoner Simon Williams told us, “I don’t care what the jury thinks after hearing all of the evidence – I think this decision is a disgrace, and I will take to streets to show my anger, probably sometime in May when the evenings are pleasantly warm and getting a bit longer.”

“I am outraged right now, obviously, but I just think rioting in a thick coat and gloves is a bit difficult, and it makes it harder to carry a decent amount of expensive electronics from the nearest store.”

“Plus if we wait a while before we demonstrate against ‘the man’ we give the big shops time to get rid of all their old stock in the sales, then in the spring we can show our frustration at the system whilst hopefully getting one of those new bendy televisions.”

“I quite fancy that new Samsung one that was on the news, but they won’t be in the shops till April apparently.”

Duggan verdict

Shopkeepers in North London have gone to great lengths to explain to the local community that they didn’t shoot Mark Duggan and they didn’t sit on the jury that delivered the lawful killing verdict.

Independent retailer Keith Matthews told us, “I just think destroying my shop again would be like punching your next door neighbour in the face and stealing his television, just because someone you never met was mugged on their way home.”

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