Wednesday 8 January 2014

Thomas Hitzlsperger comes out as ‘Brummie’

Thomas Hitzlsperger gay and brummie

Former Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger has ended years of speculation amongst fans by revealing he is actually from Birmingham.

Hitzlsperger revealed that he was Brummie in an interview with Birmingham newspaper the Express & Star.

Fans agreed that anyone who had heard the German international speak during his time in England would easily have mistaken him for a midlander, but today’s announcement finally puts an end to the ongoing debate.

The now retired footballer told the paper, “I’ve waited until retirement to announce the fact that I’m a Brummie due to the stigma attached to other Brummies in the media.”

“People will perhaps call me brave, but it’s just who I am and I hope the fans can accept me as the player I was, and the Brummie I continue to be.”

Hitzlsperger outed as ‘Brummie’

The former footballer went on to explain why he concealed him Brumminess throughout his career.

He went on, “It’s difficult to get ahead in this game if people think you’re a Brummie, and being German sounded quite exotic so I decided to go for that.”

“I honestly thought my German accent was quite convincing, so it’s a bit embarrassing after all these years to hear everyone say they knew I was Brummie all along.”

“I hid the truth because I was frightened of what the opposition fans would shout at me if they knew I was from Shard End.”

“But I’m absolutely delighted with the response I’ve had from the fans, 99% of which has been positive – there’s always a few idiots, but they’re in the small minority.”

“I look at the response now and think that perhaps I should have come out as Brummie earlier in my career.  Maybe this will lead others to do so?”

“If only it had been this easy when people found out I was gay.”

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