Nick Griffin declared morally bankrupt

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BNP leader Nick Griffin has been declared morally bankrupt, whilst adding financial bankruptcy to his catalogue of personal failings.

The serving MEP was the subject of a moral bankruptcy order made at Welshpool County Court on Thursday, leaving his morals in as much trouble as his finances.

Bankruptcy consultant Simon Williams told us, “When your credit card is about as unreliable as your moral compass then you have to ask yourself if you’ve made the right life choices over the years.”

“Financial bankruptcy happens to thousands of people every year, and we shouldn’t judge him too harshly for that – but moral bankruptcy is much harder to achieve and takes years of dedication to odious ideals and distasteful opinions.”

“I think one thing we can probably say with confidence is that white supremacy doesn’t pay.”

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“Well, not well enough, anyway.”

Nick Griffin bankrupt

A spokesperson for the BNP insisted that Nick Griffin has been the target of concerted attempts from the Muslim community to have him make poor financial decisions.

They told us, “It’s not Nick’s fault, obviously. It might be the muslamic ray guns are targeting him, but whatever it is you can guarantee this is all the fault of the brown ones.”

However voters have been reminded that history shows quite clearly that moral bankruptcy is no barrier to holding public office.

Political student Sharon Jameson told us, “Remember, he can still be an MEP, and can still stand in an election.”

“So, if you’re looking to give your vote to an openly racist bully with the incredible financial know-how required to go bankrupt whilst earning a €100,000 MEP’s salary, then go right ahead.”