Spirit of Great Train Robbery alive and well within buffet car price list

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Despite the death of Ronnie Biggs, the romantic spirit of the great train robbery continues to thrive amongst those selling refreshments on British trains.

With Biggs’ death at 84 many believed this would be the end of theft on the rail system, a claim disputed by many in the industry.

Historian Simon Williams explained, “You are very much mistaken if you believe Biggs’ death is the end of greedy individuals looking to make millions from the trains in morally questionable ways. Far from it.

“If you’ve ever wanted to buy a cup of tea on a train you’ll know what I mean.  The worst part is these people don’t even have the decency to run off to Brazil after they’ve taken your money.

“No, they cash up at the end of the day and turn your cash into something they call ‘shareholder value’.

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“I sometimes think they should be forced to put all this cash into mailbags and drive it home in the dead of night, like in the good old days.”

Commuters have said that the train service in this country and the concept of someone robbing you blind will always be inextricably linked.

Train user Steve Matthews told us, “Ronnie Biggs was caught and imprisoned, yet First Great Western robbed me of six quid for a tea and a biscuit. Where is the justice?

“Also, why do we call them the ‘Great’ train robbers? They all got caught and put in prison – they sound pretty crap to me.

“In fact, I once accidentally shoplifted a Mars bar on the Eurostar, so technically I’m a better train robber than Ronnie Biggs.

“I’m just saying.”