Monday 16 December 2013

Cricket on verge of becoming tedious again

Cricket is on the verge of becoming incredibly tedious again just a few short years of being quite interesting, experts predicted this morning.

As Australia look close to sealing an Ashes victory down under, cricket ‘fans’ back in the UK insisted they never really liked the sport anyway.

Australia are probably just half a days play away from convincing the British public that cricket is a silly game anyway.

Sports fan Simon Williams told us, “Cricket does seem a bit stupid when you think about it. I mean, five whole days for one single game? A game which can still end in a draw? Ridiculous.”

“Of course, if the current game ended in a draw I’d probably remain interested in it for another week or so, but right now it’s just stupid.”

“Look at the names for the fielding positions. Long leg, silly mid-on, Gulley.  They all sound like something from strictly come dancing, not the sports field.”

“In fact, if I was the sort of country that took pleasure in winning such a stupid game I’d probably want to keep it to myself and not talk to anyone about it, no matter how far round the world they are.”

Ashes defeat looming

However some converts to the sport insisted that as long England hold the Ashes, cricket will remain the greatest sport of all time.

Barmy Army member Mike Jones told us, “Right now we have the Ashes, and if for whatever reason they were to get misplaced so that Australia couldn’t have them back, then that wouldn’t be a tragedy that we could celebrate for about three more years.”

“I’m just saying.”

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