Executing politicians sounds pretty good actually, insists British electorate

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After North Korea executed a senior politician for doing things some people didn’t like, most of the voting public insisted that it sounds like a pretty good way to run a country.

North Korean official Chang Song-thaek was dramatically removed from a special party session by armed guards earlier this week, probably for looking at Kim Jong-un funny.

His execution was announced this morning, with reactions in the West ranging from mild condemnation to total admiration for a regime that takes no shit whatsoever from its politicians.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “They just executed this politician guy? For no reason other than he did something they didn’t like? That sounds absolutely amazing.”

“How hard would it be to implement such a system in the UK? I could draft something later if you’d like?”

“Though I imagine MPs would have a hard time voting for new rules knowing they could see them lined up in front of a firing squad the very next day.”

“Also, there is another possible downside of having a system where we execute politicians for doing things we don’t like – in that we could only execute Iain Duncan-Smith once.”

North Korean Execution

Others have said the latest execution merely highlights what an incredibly backward country North Korea actually is.

Voter Sharon Matthews explained, “I wouldn’t want to live in such an oppressive country, one with such a barbaric regime killing people on a whim.”

“But then I hear that they don’t have The Only Way is Essex, Justin Bieber or the Daily Mail and I can’t help thinking it might just be Utopia.”

“Maybe we could give it a try for a while?”