BBC announces plans for gritty drama about new food crime unit

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The BBC has announced plans for a show based on a maverick former chef who leads rag-tag group of food experts in search of the nation’s most notorious food abusers.

The show is provisionally entitled ‘Kitchen’s Angels’ will follow former chef Dave Kitchen as he investigates food crime in the north of England.

BBC commissioning editor Simon Williams spoke of his excitement at the new project.

“Food crime is a massive area for drama to explore.  Sure, we would have liked to commission a series about a group that investigate corrupt bankers and politicians – but the government thought a food crime unit was more important.”

“It’s a project that combines those things that britain loves most, an alcoholic overweight underdog, and eating really terrible food.”

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“I’ve seen the pilot script, and all I can say is that you’ll never look at a chip shop pie in the same way again.”

“It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but most of all it will make a food crime unit seem like a real thing.”

Food crime unit

Entertainment reporters have welcomed the new show, claiming that drama that so accurately reflects real-life can only be a good thing for television.

Television reviewer Rob Weldon told us, “We don’t have enough shows about loner mavericks who fight the system and are actually really good at their job.”

“So it will be nice to see another character so bound down by bureaucracy, red tape, and inconsequential political priorities that it’s almost impossible for them to get anything done.”

“It sounds so real, I can’t wait.”