Tuesday 10 December 2013

Using Lenny Henry still worse than investing in weapons, public tells Comic Relief

Investing money donated by the public in firms that deal in weapons, instead of giving it to third world children, is not the worst thing Comic Relief does according to the donating public this morning.

As revelations around the financial management of the charity came to light, many people have said the real crime is that the charity is still supporting the career of Lenny Henry.

Former Comic Relief donator Simon Williams told us, “Investing in weapons manufacturers, tobacco producers and alcohol firms isn’t ideal for a charity focussing on making live better, obviously.”

“But exposing millions of television viewers to an earnest Lenny Henry appeal is just plain cruel.”

“I’m not a fan of him when he’s trying to do his ‘jokes’, so this is frankly unacceptable.”

Comic Relief investments

Those who have donated to Comic Relief in the past, said they would be happy to for the charity to invest in Heroin production if it meant exiling the aging brummy from our screens.

Williams went on, “I realise part of Comic Relief’s raison d’être is to help those who have fallen on hard times – and that’s admirable – but I really didn’t think that it extended to the presenters.”

“The only good thing about Lenny Henry’s Comic Relief appearance is the reminder that it’s been two years since I last saw anything from Lenny Henry.”

“So here’s your choice Comic Relief, stop investing in weapons, or ditch Lenny Henry.”

“And before you make that choice let’s just remember that the weapons manufacturers never appear on our television screens in a red nose.”

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