Doctors criticised for not treating Nelson Mandela with Facebook photo sharing

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Nelson Mandela could still be alive if only his doctors had requested enough Likes of his photo on Facebook, according social media users this morning.

Mandela passed away on Friday after a long battle with illness, much to the dismay of many Facebook users who believe he could have been saved had they been given the opportunity to ‘Like’ his photo.

Facebook user Simon Williams told us, “Medical research papers are littered with examples of sick children who were saved thanks to the power of Facebook photo sharing, so I don’t know why they didn’t try it with Mr Mandela?”

“Only this week I shared a photo of a child with tubes coming out of her nose because the text on the image said doctors would save her if it got 10,000 likes.”

“I mean, this was a kid no-one even knows, so you would think doctors could have got millions of likes of a photo of Nelson Mandela with tubes coming out of his nose.”

“I bet his family will be furious when they realise he could still be with us today if only they’d been bothered to get a decent photo of him looking really sick.”

Saved by Facebook photo

Medical experts have warned that morons believing the sharing of photos on Facebook makes any difference whatsoever to the well-being of those pictured, is undermining legitimate medical research.

As one medical researcher explained, “Only yesterday one of our charity campaigners was told they couldn’t have any money, but that the person in question would donate five likes of any photo they wanted.”

“Let me be very clear, sharing a photo of a sick child is about as helpful as praying for them.”

“Sure, it might make you feel better, but if you want to actually be of practical help, why not donate some real money to medical research in that area?”

“Thought not.”