Thursday 5 December 2013 by Fionn Shiner

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez facing lengthy ban for psychological abuse of Norwich fans

Luis Suarez this morning faced accusations of ‘bullying’, ‘torturing’ and ‘making fun’ of Norwich City fans following his four goals against their team during last night’s match.

CCTV footage will be used to show how he willfully subjected Norwich fans to untold ridicule amongst their peers.

Norwich manager, Chris Hughton, speaking after the assault by Suarez told reporters, “To be honest, I think it’s an utter disgrace the way Suarez has acted towards our fans.”

“He’s come over here, from another country that isn’t here, and he’s completely ignored the sportsmanship of the English game.”

“It’s nothing less than playground bullying. He’s torturing us. You just can’t do that. Not here. Not in the Premier League.”

“Though I suppose he’ll try to claim ‘cultural differences’ on this one, too.”

Suarez abuse claims

Controversial striker Suarez has already faced lengthy bans for racially abusing and biting a player, and it is thought that the FA are considering banning Suarez for up to 4 games for ‘being a pantomime villain’.

However, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers leapt to the defence of his star striker.

He said, “It’s not bullying. He can’t help it if they support a team this utterly dreadful.”

Match of the Day Commentwat Robbie Savage has also waded in on the debate, telling viewers, “Bullying the opposition fans shouldn’t be punished.  It should be lauded.”

“But look, I don’t know whether Luis Suarez should get banned or not, but what I can tell you is that my hair is fabulous.”

“Absolutely fabulous.”

The FA have yet to announced their intentions, but it is thought a lengthy ban for Suarez is on the cards.

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