JFK was clearly brandishing weapon when shot, claim Duggan Police officers

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President John F. Kennedy was clearly brandishing a firearm moments before being fatally shot, according to the police officers being investigated over the death of Mark Duggan.

The officers, currently under investigation over the circumstances surrounding the Duggan shooting in 2011, believe the assailant, Lee Harvey Oswald, had seen what appeared to be a gun in the president’s hand.

They claim Oswald had no choice other than to fire the fateful rounds from the Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza.

“Upon reviewing the Zapruder footage of the killing, it was immediately apparent to us, that Mr Kennedy was moving in a suspicious manner, twitching like he was guilty of something.”

“It was as if he was readying himself to discharge several rounds into no-one in particular,” an officer who cannot be named for legal reasons, told reporters.

“If you look closely at around frame 188 of the film, the president clearly brandishes what appears to be something that could be readily mistaken as an excuse to summarily execute him for little or no reason.”

“It’s the kind of footage my colleagues and I would kill for in our case.”

“Oswald was performing a civic duty that day and should have been released without any further a-do.”

“A bit like us.”

“No, honestly.”

JFK ‘had weapon’

Conspiracy theorists across the globe have leapt on the claims, suggesting Oswald’s murderer, Jack Ruby, was wrong to behave like a Met Police Armed Response Unit.

“Oswald didn’t even twitch inappropriately before Ruby had taken him out when he was being led from the police station.”

“But then maybe he was standing on a double yellow line?”