Tuesday 19 November 2013

Australian rugby players banned for under drinking

Six members of the Australian Rugby Union squad have been dropped after allegations they alternated pints of lager with glasses of water on a team night out.

The team was celebrating their success in beating Ireland 32-15 at the weekend, though it appears some of the squad chose to let their teammates down.

The Australia coach, Ewen McKenzie, says he is “very disappointed” with the 15 members of his touring squad who have been disciplined following their lacklustre efforts during the evening.

He told reporters, “Australians around the world have worked hard to forge a reputation as hard drinkers capable of swilling whatever grog is put in front of them, so I won’t have players under my charge harming that reputation.”

“Let me make it clear in no uncertain terms, drinking water on a team night out is not acceptable to me, to their teammates, to the fans or to Australia as a nation.”

Australian rugby suspends players

Witnesses to the incident said the suspended players were acting in a ’embarrassing manner’ from the very outset of the evening.

Australia fan Simon Williams told us, “I saw them pretty early in the evening, and they kept their underwear on, talked quietly amongst themselves, and kept asking for jugs of tap water.”

“Not once did it look like they drank their own piss.”

“Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. As a rugby fan I was disgusted.”

“They can rot in the B team for all I care – as long as they aren’t representing me or Australia ever again.”

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