Wednesday 13 November 2013 by Formelia Alberthine

BT to outsource Champions League commentary to India

BT has announced plans to outsource the commentary for its exclusive Champions League coverage to a more cost-effective provider in India.

BT, who secured the rights after agreeing an £897m 3-year deal with UEFA, confirmed the move would see a ‘restructuring of the football delivery business in line with current market pressures’.

A spokesperson for the BT Sport division explained, “The UK consumer has become used to hearing the Indian accent when dealing with BT, and this merely an extension of that service.”

“BT has a long and proud history in reducing costs by delivering its customer facing services through India, and this is no different.”

“Michael Owen might understand a little of what’s happening on the pitch, but Sanjeev Gupta can deliver an accurate-ish summary of what is happening at just 0.01% of the cost – plus he’s never injured, which is a bonus.”

“Our Indian staff have already been working on English colloquialisms such as ‘met it at the back stick’ and ‘getting stuck into them’, so our customers will enjoy it, we’re sure.”

BT Sport outsourced to India

Fan reaction to the news has been mixed, with many expressing their disappointment that further British jobs are disappearing abroad.

Football fan Simon Williams told us, “Look, we’ve got these hard-up former footballers struggling to get by on their meagre multi-million pound pensions, and all BT wants to do is save a few quid and throw them on the scrap heap.”

“Frankly I’m disgusted.”

“Wait, what? This means I won’t ever have to listen to David Ginola bumble his way through another defensive analysis?”

“OK, I’m in!”

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