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Tube users perfectly happy for other Tube users to walk

Tube users have revealed that commuting will be much more pleasant for them personally if Transport for London succeeds in getting all the other annoying commuters to walk instead of getting the Tube.

A twitter survey of rush-hour passengers on London’s Underground has revealed massive support for Transport for London’s new campaign to encourage other people to walk or cycle to work in order to reduce overcrowding during peak periods.

Northern Line commuter Simon Williams explained, “Even if only 20% of the morons on my Tube walked or cycled, it would make my Tube journey to work a lot more bearable.”

“I’d like to see the TfL campaign really take off amongst all of the other people on my Tube route so that I have plenty of room whilst I stay here on the Tube.”

“If enough people take the TfL advice I could even find myself with a seat.  Imagine that!”

Tube users encourages to walk

Every Tube user questioned admitted that the idea to get more commuters walking instead of using the Tube makes perfect sense for other people who aren’t them.

As one explained, “I think making other Tube users do more walking is an excellent idea, so that I – as a different Tube user – can stay underground in comfort where it’s not raining.”

“Would I consider walking myself? Absolutely not. No way. But then this isn’t aimed at me – it’s aimed at all the other Tube users. Obviously.”

“If for some reason this doesn’t work, then I would be equally supportive of a campaign for other people go to work at different times to me.”

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