David Dimbleby gets massive nose ring

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David Dimbleby has shocked producers of Question Time by taking his interest in body art to new levels with a large silver nose ring.

After getting his first tattoo during filming for his BBC programme Britain and the Sea, Dimbleby is said to have fallen in love with the idea of adorning his body with other pieces of ‘art’.

A BBC insider explained, “We thought the scorpion tattoo was amusing enough, and it’s not like anyone can see it.”

“But then he turned up for a Question Time meeting this morning with a ring through his nose that wouldn’t have looked out-of-place on a bull.”

“It was red, sore, and more than a little puss-ridden – plus he can’t talk properly as it keeps hitting his top lip.  But he does insist he likes the way it looks.”

“Frankly no-one can take their eyes of it.  Partly because of the way it catches the light, and partly because every time it moves he winces in pain.”

“Much like his tattoo, I can’t help but wonder if he’ll regret it when he gets older.”

Dimbleby gets tattoo

Guests of the panel show have expressed their admiration for Dimbleby, explaining that it takes courage to make significant changes to your appearance as if you were some sort of easily influenced teenager.

However teenagers with nose rings have expressed their disappointment that such a piece of jewellery could soon become seen as a mark of the ‘establishment’.

As one explained, “What next, Jeremy Paxman with gauged ear lobe rings?”

The final word went to our BBC insider, who concluded, “The nose ring is bad, but I really don’t want to tell you what he’s done to his penis.”