Wednesday 6 November 2013 by Gary Stanton

Computer-generated Richard Littlejohn avatar catches millions of online morons

In a so-called ‘sting’ operation, the ‘journalist’ Richard Littlejohn has been exposed as a computer-generated hoax designed to incite morons into hurling online abuse.

The lifelike 3D avatar was set up by a website called the Daily Mail – a honey-trap designed to snare unsuspecting fuckwits into leaving hate-filled drivel on their comments page.

The Littlejohn entity – a fairly unsophisticated algorithm running on Windows 95 – then generated a series of hate-pieces purporting to be actual news stories.

Users who interacted with the Littlejohn avatar were led to believe he was a bona-fide journalist operating in the UK, despite the programme being hosted thousands of miles away in the US.

Computer expert Simon Williams, who created Littlejohn, said: “We got the idea from watching Max Headroom. Littlejohn is a kind of joke-free version of Max.”

“We’re genuinely surprised the rouse went undetected for so long , we honestly believed the bug which made him keep repeating ‘you couldn’t make it up’ would give us away.”

Littlejohn Avatar

Since its inception, more than 100 Britons have been caught trying to pay the computer-generated buffoon-c*nt to performing acts of hate online.

User #Dave1973 left the comment: “Loved the piece yesterday about muslims not wearing poppies. When are you going to write something about Bulgarian trannies eating swans?”

User #FarageFan49 simply wrote: “Show us your tits.”

The IT genius has since come up with a number of different computer-generated characters designed to appeal to different prejudices, including Jan Moir and ‘feisty’ Melanie Phillips.

Williams added, “One of them is a drink-dependent middle-aged woman who hates gays. The other one hates just about everything.”

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