UKIP slams immigrants for ‘coming over here, giving us their money’

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As research by University College London showed that immigrants have made a net contribution to the economy since 2000, UKIP slammed those foreigners for treating the UK like a charity.

The study showed they had contributed more in taxes than claimed in benefits, and were less likely than to be claiming benefits in the first place than those born in Britain.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage told reporters the news was a further blow to British sensibilities, explaining that “Just because they make a net contribution to the economy doesn’t mean they make the country better.”

“Without those immigrants we Brits could look each other in the eye and say that ‘British is best’, and feel confident that we were all doing a great job.”

“But now they’ve come here and shown us to be a bunch of workshy benefit scroungers – so what are we left with to feel good about?”

“It’s these foreigners coming across here and showing us how it should be done that is bringing this country to its knees.”

“They should go back where they came from and leave us to feel good again about being mostly shitty at everything.”

Immigrants making net contribution

UKIP supporter Simon Williams said the argument was not just an economic one, but one based around his distaste at being surrounded by brown faces.

“Just because they’ve come over here, grown our economy, raised our standards of living, and made a net financial contribution to our society, doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly enjoy being surround by people who speak funny.”

“Plus there are lots of other reasons that I can’t quite think of right now.”