Bitstrip you even more annoying than real you, facebook users warned

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The Bitstrip character you created of yourself is even more annoying than the real you, Facebook users have been warned today.

As Facebook news feeds begin to creake due to the volume of comics from people they vaguely know, experts have predicted than an amusing one could be created any time soon.

Social media analyst Simon Williams explained, “Do you as a Facebook user make your living creating amusing comic strips about the minutiae of your daily life?”

“No? Then you’re probably not very good at it, are you? So why subject your friends to an endless stream of them?”

“What Facebook users need to understand is that the person most amused by any single Bitstrip, is the person who created that Bitstrip.”

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“So really, the best way to enjoy Bitstrips is to keep them to yourself and enjoy them privately somewhere where your self-congratulatory laughter can only be heard by you.”

“Like suring toilet breaks perhaps?”


Bitstrips users have defended the tool, claiming that a comic of an inside joke between them and their partner is a great way to please their loosely connected friends online.

Sharon Jones told us, “I’ve got this one great comic where my husband is eating beans and I say ‘all gone then?’ – it’s hilarious.”

“No, I guess it’s not that funny if you don’t get the inside joke, but trust me, it’s actually really hilarious so I will definitely keep sharing them.”

“Plus I’ve made myself look a lot slimmer as a Bitstrip, so I prefer using these to actual photographs.”

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