Monday 4 November 2013 by James Andrews

Novelty shaped building fails to win architectural award

A brand new, state-of-the-art novelty shaped building made mostly out of glass and brushed stainless steel has failed to win an architectural award of any kind, according to an article published in The Architectural Review.

According to the article, The Garlic Press, a familiar sight to Londoners since its completion in 2007, continues to be passed over for architectural recognition of any kind despite its hilarious shape, poor use of space and enormous price tag.

The Garlic Press houses the UK headquarters to Investec and Prudential, and was specially designed to appeal to companies that require their staff to send emails from a novelty shaped building.

Architect John Hilton says he’s both surprised and disappointed not to have been awarded some sort of plaque to stick on the front:

‘The shape of the building is clearly amusing and not very practical, if I’d known that it wasn’t going to get an award I’d probably have just gone for a rectangle on its end.’

The Garlic Press is the first novelty shaped building in the country not to have been given an award, prompting some architectural commentators to say that the days of just building an unusually shaped building and getting an award for it may be over.

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