Friday 1 November 2013 by Andy Watson

Man Utd fans back HS2 for making it easier to get from London to Manchester

HS2 backed by manchester united fans

Manchester United fans have backed the government’s report on the benefits of HS2, admitting that the new high-speed link from London to Manchester will make match-days far more convenient.

It had been a bad week for the government’s HS2 rail plans as MPs voted on funding, with revisions to the predicted benefits and pressure from opposition both inside and beyond Parliament.

However, David Cameron has received support for the project from an unexpectedly vocal source.

Manchester United supporters groups have declared they will be lobbying for the project to go ahead in its current proposed format, citing that the high-speed rail link will reduce the time it takes for supporters to see their team play at home.

Man Utd fans back HS2

According to Simon Williams, secretary of MUFC Season Ticket Holders Guild, “This new rail line will make access to home games so much easier for our members.”

“Currently it takes me over three hours to get from Wimbledon to Old Trafford on match days, add in a couple of hours at the ground and the return journey and that’s basically the whole day gone.

“The new high-speed route will cut about an hour out of each journey, making it far more feasible for fans from Man Utd strongholds such as Tunbridge Wells and Hemel Hempstead to make the trip.

“Without doubt, the possibility of travelling up in a Eurostar-style first class compartment would appeal to your average Man Utd fan.

“If they can provide some sort of Lexus-only parking at Euston, that would be even better.”

Asked to consider the negative aspects of the proposal, Williams was concise, “The only downside I can envisage is that eating on the train might result in a fall in demand for prawn sandwiches at the ground.

“But I’m sure the club could balance the books by introducing another kit or something.”

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