Thursday 31 October 2013

Coulson and Brooks shown which sort of celeb dirty laundry is genuinely ‘public interest’

Andy Coulson and Rebekah brooks have been shown how the type of salacious private life details they’ve spent their careers publishing, can actually be in the public interest.

A secret affair between the couple was made public during their trial, in a move experts are predicting will become the new dictionary definition of ‘Schadenfreude’.

A six-year relationship, and the associated gory details, will show how pillow talk would have left them both knowing about any phone hacking going on inside the News of the World during their tenure.

The court also heard details of the affair, and read out private love letters that everyone is now expecting to appear on tomorrow’s front pages.

As one media analyst explained, “I’m not one for suggesting someone’s private life should be splashed all over the papers, unless those people have spent their careers splashing other people’s private lives all over their papers.”

“In which case, you know, totally go for it.”

Tabloid picture looker Simon Williams told us, “I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow’s papers. I’m hoping for some rabid speculation on their sex life, and maybe a top ten list of places they might have done it.”

“Oh, and maybe a pun or two about Coulson’s proclivity for ‘red tops’.”

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