People who believe Giraffe Facebook pics are an Anonymous scam urged to leave Internet

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The sort of people who believe that changing your Facebook profile photo to a Giraffe will make you a target for the Anonymous hacking group have been urged to burn their computers.

As a riddle designed to make your friends look stupid by changing their profile photo to Giraffe went viral, the lowest 10% of IQs on the social network began circulating a post suggesting Anonymous would use it to steal all your money.

As one stupid Facebook user explained, “Yes, Anonymous are well-known for stealing money from stupid Facebook users, a demographic which I am clearly at the centre of.”

“I have posted the warning to all my Facebook friends, as I was not looking sufficiently stupid after failing to solve a riddle that was designed for 10 year olds.”

“No, Anonymous haven’t stolen any of my money yet – but the person who posted this has a friend that it definitely happened to. I am one of the lucky ones – definitely.”

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Giraffe profile picture

Security experts have let out a long sigh when asked if the threat was real, before explaining the background to the posts.

IT consultant Simon Williams told us, “To be clear, the only way changing your profile picture on Facebook could give someone access to your bank account would be if that picture was you holding up a card which said, ‘this is how to access my bank account’ alongside all of your bank details.”

“To be clear, the Giraffe profile picture serves just one purpose, and one purpose only.”

“To illustrate your susceptibility to viral marketing and that you think you’re smarter than you really are.”

“Oh, and it’s your eyes, not the door. Idiots.”