Russian FA vows Notting Hill Carnival boycott

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Suggestions that black players may boycott the 2018 World Cup has led the Russian FA to threaten their withdrawal from future Notting Hill Carnivals.

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure, who suffered abuse during his side’s Champions League clash against CSKA Moscow, claimed black players may not travel to the tournament unless steps were taken to prevent further racism.

A spokesman for the Russian FA, Rushev Bolshik, disputed the country had a problem with racism and warned they would not be entering a float into future Notting Hill Carnivals unless monkey noises and banana waving are deemed an acceptable way of supporting your team.

“We all remember the last World Cup in South Africa where the noise from horns was so loud you could barely hear the monkey chants – yet that was given the all clear,” he told journalists at Moscow press conference.

“So what’s the problem with a couple of idiots taking offence to the racist abuse of thousands of fans during their participation in a football match?”

“Those who take offence are the problem, not the ‘offenders’.”

“Accordingly, we will not be travelling to west London any more.”

Russian FA threaten boycott

FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter echoed the concerns of the Russian FA and suggested merchandisers could do much to resolve the issue.

“As far as I’m aware, there is no law preventing black players or fans from wearing ear muffs for the duration of a game.”

“Or we could simply re-introduce the vuvuzela.”