Illegal immigrants inundated with text messages asking if they’ve been mis-sold PPI

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The Home Office is reporting large numbers of illegal immigrants leaving the country due to incessant text messages from PPI claims companies.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the tactic of leaking the details of illegal immigrants as ‘leads’ to PPI claims companies had seen many decide life was easier ‘back home’.

She told reporters, “All options are on the table when seeking to deter illegal immigrants, and if leaving them to the mercy of the PPI market place is what it takes, then so be it.”

“Some might say our approach is cruel to the point of breaching the Geneva convention, but I would say all is fair in immigration and PPI.”

Illegal immigrants texts

Immigrants themselves have said that the calls have left them doubting if the UK really is the country for them.

Abdul Sahib told us, “I’ve lived here for 6 years working illegally as a taxi driver, but these incessant texts and calls are simply too much.”

“What sort of society would let its people be treated like this? It’s barbaric.”

However some of those mistakenly handed to PPI companies have expressed their horror at the situation they now find themselves in.

One explained, “I’m here perfectly legally, I was born here for god’s sake – but now these buggers just won’t leave me alone.”

“Where is my apology and compensation Theresa May?”