Thursday 17 October 2013

Prisoners still have endearing impression that their vote actually matters

UK Prisons are teeming with criminals seemingly oblivious to how the British democratic process actually works, according to reports.

As prisoners were denied the vote during an appeal to the Supreme Court, they were reminded of the futility of voting in the first place.

Voter Simon Williams told them, “Let’s say you could vote, would you vote for the cheating lying one desperate for power, or the one who is so desperate for power that he will lie and cheat?”

“It really is no choice at all if you actually take a close look at them.”

“Unless of course this has all been a ruse to force MPs to visit prisons to canvas for votes, just so prisoners can throw human faeces at them?”

“In which case, who do we appeal to next?”

Prisoners lose appeal for voting rights

Prisoners have spoken of their disappointment at the ruling, telling reporters it’s a sad day for people who don’t like rules.

Life term prisoner Shane Matthews told us, “To lose the right to vote is a terrible blow to all prisoners in the UK, wherever they may be.”

“But we can live with it, as long as we don’t lose our TVs or Playstations.”

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