Nuts magazine calls for Miley and Sinead to settle differences in jelly wrestling bout

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Lads mag Nuts has called for Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor to settle their feminist differences like real women, in an inflatable ring full of jelly.

As the row between the two pop stars continues, experts on the Nuts editorial board claimed the only way to really know whose approach to feminism is correct is to let them fight it out.

Editor Dominic Smith explained, “Just because they have different opinions on what it means to be a true feminist in the modern music industry, doesn’t mean they can’t settle it in a best of three bout in a pool of cold lubricant.”

“Bikinis are optional and we’d finally find out who is right when it comes to empowering women in a male dominated industry.”

“They would grapple in rounds of two minutes to determine which of them is advocating the correct approach in trying to give women more power in music.”

“On the one hand Sinead makes some excellent points about exploitation of the young and impressionable, but on the other hand Miley licked a sledgehammer and rode a wrecking ball when naked.  So it’s a tough call.”

“Feminism is an important subject that’s very close to the hearts of our readers, and as such we could give plenty of coverage to such a coming together.”

“Yes, of course we would live stream it.”