Monday 14 October 2013 by Gary Stanton

Vigilante groups set to target paedophile vigilante groups

A new look vigilante group has been set up to target the reckless activities of existing paedo vigilante groups, it has emerged.

The online cyber warrior faction was founded after an existing group, known as the Paedo Defence League (PDL), misidentified a child molester before stamping repeatedly on his head.

The new vigilante force – the Paedo Defence League Defence League (PDLDL) – hopes to curtail the lawless activities of the former while trying to come up with a catchier sounding name.

And as the UK descends into an ever downward spiral of increasing violence and rudeness, experts believe that by 2020 everyone in the UK will be a member of a vigilante group of some kind.

Meanwhile, the activities of the PDLDL have also come under scrutiny after they dragged a suspected paedophile vigilante out of his home at 4am and pushed him in front of a goods train.

Simon Williams of the PDLDL said, “If there is a paedophile vigilante living in my neighbourhood, I have the right to know about it. Our policy is to act first then ask questions later.”

“I call it Simon’s Law.”

Anti-vigilante Vigilantes

The PDLDL have since found themselves targeted by an organisation calling themselves the Paedo Defence League Defence League Defence League (PDLDLDL), who are committed to halting violence by anti-vigilante vigilante groups by whatever means necessary.

Detective Superintendent Jack Blythe said, “Normally, my advice to these people is to observe the rule of law and let the police carry on their work unhindered, but we’re kind of busy right now.”

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