Thursday 3 October 2013

Premier league fans hail David Moyes as best Manchester United boss of all time

Fans of nineteen Premier League clubs have hailed David Moyes’ start as manager of Manchester United as nothing short of ‘miraculous’.

After their worst start since before the Internet existed, David Moyes’ special brand of ‘management’ has been welcomed by pretty much everyone with an interest in football.

Liverpool season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “I’ve got to be honest, I’d never really thought much of David Moyes due to his Everton connections, but right now I’m considering adding him to my Christmas card list.”

“The job he’s done at Old Trafford is nothing short of remarkable, and to turn around a team like United so quickly shows he might just be the new ‘special’ one.”

“I admire him first as a football fan, as it’s always nice to see a new manager achieving what many fans thought was impossible when they took their new job.”

“I bet there’s not a Manchester United fan out there who isn’t surprised at the position their club finds itself in today.”

“Long may he continue to surprise us.”

“And of course, losing cup semi finals to teams like Sunderland is an excellent way to keep up his amazing reputation and the new found respect of neutral fans around the country.”

David Moyes at Everton

Everton fan Michael Hobbs told us,”Is there any way he could go an be manager of Chelsea next? I think we can all agree that would be good for him, the fans of other teams and the game in general.”

“But at the end of the day, David Moyes spent eleven years trying to get Everton above United in the table, and I’d like to congratulate him on finally succeeding.”

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