Wednesday 2 October 2013

Daily Mail insists that unlike Ralph Miliband, the ‘blackshirts’ loved this country

The Daily Mail has insisted that at the time Ed Miliband’s father was hating this country by fighting for it in the war, the Blackshirts the Mail supported loved everything about our nation.

In an editorial by Paul Dacre entitled, “Why the Daily Mail loved this nation more than Ralph Miliband” the Mail went on to explain why its vociferous support of the fascist movement was a sign that it loved this country more than anything.

It read, “I’m sure every Daily Mail reader will realise that our character assassination of Ed Miliband’s father has taught us that what people believed 70 years ago is still really relevant when forming an opinion of about their descendents today.”

“I can only hope that in the way we have sought to tarnish Ed Miliband with an opinion about his deceased father, readers today will look upon us as the newspaper that supported the Nazi ideology.”

“Which is why we’re voluntarily bringing up the blackshirts.”

“At a time when Ralph Miliband was busy fighting Nazi’s in the Navy, we were publishing editorials supporting the fascists – because we loved this country.”

“Sure, history might say something different about the Nazis, but like all history, it was written by the victors – so we can agree it’s probably a bit biased.”

“Whilst we published our support of the blackshirts, Ralph Miliband was busy intercepting German radio messages that ultimately contributed to the downfall of Hitler.”

“How much more evidence of his undoubted hatred of our nation do you need to hear?”

“Everything that is wrong with our country stems from the fact that fascist ideals did not prevail in the Second World War, thanks to people like Ralph bloody Miliband.”

“This is why we declared that a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy during the second world war was a man who ‘hated this country’.”

“If he hadn’t tried his best to win the war for the Allies, we could have all been sat here in lovely black shirts.”

“They’re very slimming you know, as you’ll see in our diet pills supplement on page 12.”

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail Reader)

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